With a background as a classical violinist and a jazz singer, and an obsession for crafting "non-pop" pop songs, Natasha creates a body of music that is both lyrical and evocative. Her songs combine strong melodies with introspective lyrics and are driven by a definite, compelling rhythm.

Hers is a style that blends pop, jazz, folk, and country into a genre all its own-one she refers to as pop fusion. Listen to her songs and you will hear a story that is almost always both heartwarming and heart wrenching, soulful, provocative, clever, and sensuous. You immediately detect in the richness of her language the passage of time and her sense of life's underlying ironies. At times you are reminded of the influences of Shawn Colvin, Sting, and Rickie Lee Jones. 

Natasha has appeared all over the San Francisco Bay Area-in clubs and highly-sought-after venues. She has performed at private events honoring public elected officials and artists of national acclaim and has worked with esteemed musicians of many disciplines. She received a prestigious invitation to sing at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C in 2001. 

Her band is made up of Bay Area first-rate musicians; Jon Evans on bass (Tori Amos), Michael Bluestein on piano and organ (Jaqui Naylor, Shelby Lynn), Geoff Pearlman on guitar (Shelby Lynn), Dan Foltz on drums (Linda Perry), Matt Brubeck on cello (Sheryl Crow). Natasha's debut CD "Her Life" will be released on March 2, 2002 on Poignant Records. 

Natasha writes all of her material, plays the acoustic guitar, violin, piano and sings. On occasion, members of her string ensemble, The Sapphire String Quartet, as well as guest musicians from her jazz ensemble join her in the studio and on stage. 

Natasha heads a music production company, Entire Productions, which currently presents two concert series. Women to Watch features the best women-fronted bands and female solo acoustic acts in the United States, and First Saturdays In Alameda showcases artists from all over the world in a program of monthly acoustic concerts in Alameda, California. The concerts have been standing room only and a portion of the proceeds from these concerts are donated to support music in public schools. 
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released August 1, 2002

Jon Evans on bass (Tori Amos), Michael Bluestein on piano and organ (Jaqui Naylor, Shelby Lynn), Geoff Pearlman on guitar (Shelby Lynn), Dan Foltz on drums (Linda Perry), Matt Brubeck on cello (Sheryl Crow).


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Track Name: Hold On
It all happened a long time ago
In the summer of 1984
The air was thick, the pavement hot
That's where this story go its start

Hold on to these days
Hold on make them stay

We took a walk down Polk avenue
We were looking for something to do
We stopped at the pond and danced till dawn
Those days of youth are nearly gone

Hold on to these days
Hold on make them stay

Now the water has turned to ice
You stand before me, it feels so nice
Your eyes speak without the words
Of poems and passions I'd never heard
Hold on to these days
Hold on make them stay
Track Name: Over The Moon
I was only twenty-five
Barely knew what it took to survive
Then you came along and I came alive
With your curly black hair
And the most intense stare
You were born so aware

I held you in my arms that first night
Careful not to squeeze too tight
I sang to you a lullaby
Now I know what it means to fly

Up to the sky
Over the moon
I'll be back soon

You said you heard bells in your heart
Tell me how did you get so smart?
Do you have an old soul?
I'm beginning to think so

I watched you as you took your first breath
I let go as you took your first steps
I was amazed when you could write your name
Now my life won't ever be the same

Not since you came
Came to play
I hope that you'll stay

Don't grow up too fast
And I hope you've got luck that lasts
Love your life and have a blast
Track Name: Her Life
I knew a girl, it might even be me
Makin' her way to her destiny
Along the road her mom got in the way
Really from the start some would say

There she goes moving through her years
Swallowed up by a million tears
Holdin' on to her boyfriend's sleeve
Cant' she see that she must leave?

Cause one was drunk, never saw the day
The other ones have all since moved away

Here she comes all grown up
Riding in on her good luck
She paid so dearly for
She really ought to have asked for more
Still she's come to see what's behind that door

for her

I am that girl, do you recognize me?
I've made it here for all to see
The ride was tough and I've nearly enough
I want rest now, is that asking too much?

I was holdin' on to a distance dream
Before my eyes can you see what I mean?
'Cause I was too young to do it all alone
Yeah, I made it but I'm so cold
Inside... tonight

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